Environmental Protection

All construction materials and colors used are environmentally friendly. The houses have a thermal facade and have been heat-breakable aluminum installed with double glazing, ensuring ideal living conditions. Many trees and plants have been placed in order to form a green environment harmonious with the flora of the area. Shampoos, shower gels and soaps provided are vegan and free of parabens and artificial colors. But your own contribution to the protection of the environment with simple actions is also needed. Water is in short supply on the island so use it wisely. Ask the staff to change your towels and sheets when needed. Use electricity rationally, lights, air conditioning, electrical appliances, electric water heater, etc. Try to create limited trash. Let’s all try to reduce our energy footprint together. Save the planet.

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Covid-19 POLICY

Unalome Villas ensure compliance with all the latest health and sanitation protocols according to the updated Greek legislation in regards to COVID-19. More specifically:

Check out must take place until 11:00 and check in must be at 15:00 and onwards.

We urge you to use the service of receiving your invoice upon check out via email and payments are preferred to be done with debit or credit cards. Your keys are sanitized before your arrival.

We ensure meticulously cleaning, naturally aired rooms and deep sanitation of rooms before your arrival, also proper attention to all room spots that are mostly used and touched, such as doorknobs, telephones, bath, washbasin tabs and remote controls.

Sanitizer dispensers will be available at each villa.

A/C filters will be cleaned and disinfected after every departure.

All our sunbeds and umbrellas are cleaned and disinfected after every departure.

Beach towels will be provided in every room per person.

All pools will operate according to all new and updated health procedures & protocols, while systematic chlorination of the pools with disinfectant products is designated by our maintenance team.

All our staff is trained according to all the new hygiene and proactive health rules, as also their use of personal hygiene.

We thoroughly check all staff’s health certificates and their health condition.

Our staff uses of gloves and masks where it is necessary with the ability of constant change.